Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 9: Difilipo Doubles

$300 + $50 PLO

Playing 800/1,600:

Mark Steitz doubled up a short-stacked player when his K886 double-suited fell to his opponent's K976.

Mike Difilipo (button) moved his last chips in on the turn with the board showing K 5 4 4 (two spades). Steve Tindle (small blind) gave it some thought, then made the call, showing A764 (hearts/clubs) for trip 4s. Mike held KJ74 (spades/hearts) for Fours-full of Kings. Only an Ace on the river would help Steve, but instead it was a 6. Mike doubled up to about 50k.

On the next hand, seat 4 moved his last chips in on a flop of A 5 2. Mike made the call showing AA85 for top set. Seat 4 held J922 for bottom set. Only the case 2 would save him, but it did not appear and he was busted. Mike chipped up to about 90k, making a nice comeback.

With 18 players remaining, they did a redraw and moved to the final two tables. Only the final 9 will get paid.

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