Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th place - Snyder

$400 + $50 HOSE

Play resumed with limits of 5k/10k.

Playing Stud Hi-Lo:

Dave Capell scooped a pot, leaving Anthony Snyder short. Anthony was then all-in on 3rd street against Dave and Vincent Basilicatta. Despite starting with rolled-up Tens, Anthony couldn't hold on when Dave rivered a club flush to scoop.

Anthony Snyder finished 4th earning $1,750.

Anthony Snyder

Jeffrey Wiemann was then all in on 3rd with an open pair of 4s against Dave. By the river, Jeffrey had made two pair and Dave failed to make a low. Jeffrey scooped that pot.

The game changed to Hold'em.

On a very dry board, Dave bet the river and Jeffrey called. "Good call" Dave said when he tabled King-high. Jeffrey held A2 for a pair of 2s to take the pot. He's now up to about 100k and back in the game.

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