Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back In Black

$500 + $60 NL Deep Stack Final

This is Jeff Black's first major tournament and he's among the Chip Leaders with 820,000.

He's only here playing because he pulled his back out, was unable to work out, and figured he'd try his hand at a tournament since he's always loved playing poker.

I asked if sitting playing poker for so many hours straight was good for his back. He laughed, "my hip is killing me."

In most tournaments you can look back to a make or break hand.

Jeff's came early on after shoving all in with an open ended straight draw, running into a set of Jacks, then hitting the straight for a ton of chips.

Jeff lives in Atlantic City and is a bouncer.

If Jeff's back continues to give him trouble he might need a "backer" in his next Borgata Tournament.

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