Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOSE Chip Counts

$400 + $50 HOSE

Playing Omaha Hi/Lo, 4k/8k limits:

Vincent made quad 5s to beat Dave's wired Aces. With that pot, Vincent and Dave were dead-even with about 160k each. (There are only 410k chips in play).

The game changed to 7-Stud and Anthony was all-in on 5th street against Vincent. Anthony had Ace-Queen high with four clubs against Vincent's pair of 5s. Anthony paired his Queen on 6th and that's all he needed to double up.

The level expired and they took off for ten minutes away from the felt. Here are the chip counts:

Seat - Player - Hometown - Chips
2 - Jeffrey Wiemann - Allentown, PA - 52k
3 - Vincent Basilicata - Queens, NY - 157k
4 - Dave Capell - Morgansville, NJ - 163k
5 - Anthony Snyder - Leonia, NJ - 38k

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