Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running the Gauntlet

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Killer Corner: Zias, Frederick & Habashzada (r-l)

If you're a short stack, table 4 is NOT the place to be as three of the biggest stacks in the tournament are here. Not only are they all at the same table, but George Zias, Dennis Fredrick & Torpekay Habashzada are in seats 2, 3 and 4 respectively, creating a self proclaimed "Killer Corner."

Fredrick (Drexel Hill, PA) starts the day as the chip leader with 341k and watches Zias (Bethpage, NY) double up with pocket aces on the first hand when he cripples Bruce Bartfield's (Churchville, MD) pocket kings. The next hand, Zias finishes off Bartfield with pocket queens, taking his stack to 350k.

Enter Habashzada (Broomall, PA) who, only five minutes into play, is moved to table 4 (Bartfield's seat) with her 218k stack. On her third hand, Habashzada has the Qon a four flush board and as Fredrick puts it, "the guy gave her 180k. I don't think he saw the flush."

With Habashzada going to 400k and Zias and Fredrick both around 350k, it puts more than one million chips in the "Killer Corner." There's 12 million chips in play and the average stack is just over 100k.

This could make for some big pots as we move towards the money.

Level 14 (1,500/3k, 400 ante) is off and running.


  1. On the first hand, when Zias doubled up with aces, he knocked out two people....I was the other one. I had Jacks and pushed,Zias has Aces and the other guy had kings...all in one hand.

  2. wow..thanks for the updated info...sick JJ-KK-AA on the first hand back...sick!