Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Three Knotted Up

$400 + $50 HOSE

Playing 7-Stud, Limits 6k/12k:

Jeffrey Wiemann made Aces-Up to beat Vincent Basilicata's wired Kings. Vincent was left with only about 50k.

On the next hand the same two players tangled and when Vincent caught his third Queen on 6th street, Jeffrey surrendered. Vincent was up to ~65k.

Game changed to Stud Hi/Lo:

Same two guys. Vincent surrendered on 5th. He was left with only ~50k.

Game changed to Hold'em:

Vincent was blinded down to only 15k and got all-in from the small blind against Dave Capell. Vincent's AQ suited was a 60/40 favorite over Dave's T7 off. The board came Q J 8 4 6 and Vincent doubled up to ~37k.

Vincent got on a rush and when he bet the turn against Jeffrey, Jeffrey let it go. Vincent - 60k.

Next hand, same result. Vincent was up to ~100k.

Game changed to Omaha Hi/Lo:

Jeffrey and Dave played a pot and Jeffrey made a straight and nut low. Dave also had the nut low and got quartered. Jeffrey was up to ~170k.

The final three continued to push chips around the table.

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