Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Stunners

$300 + 50 NLH

Cashing Canadian

As hand-for-hand play hits the 40 minute mark there are two stunning hands, one each on the final two tables.

First Marianne Ferrona (Toronto, Canada) isn't thrilled to shove from the button with only 8k, but figures K J is the best hand she's going to see. But to everyone's surprise the small and big blinds both fold.

"No way," says Ferrona, who can't believe she takes down the pot, "it was only 5 (thousand) more (for the big blind to call)."

Seconds later on the other table, Song Ki (Fairfax, VA) open shoves for 34k with pocket aces and is called by Matthew Galluzzo (Marlboro, NJ) who has pocket 8s.

The second stunner comes when an eight hits the board and Ki hits the rail in 19th place. He takes it in stride saying, "it happens."

After the bubble breaks and the 18 player re-draw, Ferrona is the last woman standing and the first to cash after her pocket kings are cracked. She takes home $834.

Players are on a 10 minute break.

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