Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Early Caution

$300 + 50 NLH

As the Gorilla patrols the jungle looking for early action, he stumble across this hand. A middle position raises to 800 and the button three-bets to 3,250. After it folds around to the MP player, he tanks.

The table eventually calls, "clock," and the player has one minute to act. He eventually folds and
one player jokes, "at least tell us you weren't think about jack-nine there." Clearly frustrated the MP player replies, "no there's only a couple of hands that I would think that long about."

The query is, "Jacks?"

The button quickly replies, "I'd throw that away in a second." The table speculates that he had pocket kings.

Level 2 (50/100) winding down.

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