Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOSE Champion - Basilicata; 2nd - Capell

$400 + $50 HOSE

At the beginning of heads-up play, Vincent Basilicata had about a two-to-one chip lead over Dave Capell.

Playing Omaha Hi/Lo:

On a flop of K 9 5 (two clubs), Dave bet and Vincent called. Turn was a four and Dave checked. Vincent bet and Dave raised all-in. Vincent called and showed AK65 rainbow for two pair. Dave held A883 with two clubs for the flush draw. He needed a club on the river to survive, but it was an offsuit 9.

Dave Capell finished 2nd, earning $3,977.

Vincent Basilicata is the HOSE Champion and he takes home $6,363 plus the crystal trophy!

Vincent Basilicata - HOSE Champion

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