Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5th place - Smigel

$400 + $50 HOSE

Adel Shakerian couldn't hold out and busted in 7th place. It didn't take long for the bubble-boy to follow him out the door.

Here are the final five players who will get paid:

Seat - Player - Hometown
1 - Kevin Smigel - Martinsville, NJ
2 - Jeffrey Wiemann - Allentown, PA
3 - Vincent Basilicata - Queens, NY
4 - Dave Capell - Morgansville, NJ
5 - Anthony Snyder - Leonia, NJ

Playing Stud:
Kevin was down to his last 1,000 chips and had to ante 500. Then he caught the low card and had to toss in his last 500 chip. Dave called and by the river, Kevin had made two pair and was back up to 3,500!

It didn't last long as he was soon all in against both Dave and Vincent, who checked to the river. Vincent made two pair and took the pot. Kevin finished in 5th place, earning $1,432.

Kevin Smigel - 4th place

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