Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fish Caught...But Released

$500 + $60 NL Deep Stack Final

Miracles Happen!

Sung Lee a.k.a Frankie Fish is afraid of Torpekay Habashzada and the killer corner.

"Every time she raises, we call, she shoves after the flop, we fold" says Lee. As he's telling me this he shoves his short stack across the betting line. And guess who calls him?

Frankie Fish is crushed pre-flop as he tables A-J diamonds against Torpekay's A-K.

Flop: 7-5-8 rainbow

Turn: 4

Sung Lee stands and turns away from the table. He can't bear to watch. Then it happens...the miracle three-outter hits! A jack falls and Frankie Fish puts a dent into Habashzada's (now) 700,000 stack.

Sung drops to his knees, looks to heaven, and says a thank-you prayer.

Sidenote: Sung gets A-J the next hand and folds pre-flop after Opponent's all-in shove.
He then folds pocket nines pre-flop after Habashzada raises large.

Guess he wants to hold onto those 250,000 chips he just earned.

Players return from Ten Minute break.

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